Our customers expect more

If you need service to your home computer or you have a virus, there are a lot of options for you.

We probably are not the best fit for this type of work.

Yes, we can get rid of a virus, but we relish opportunities to work in the following areas:

  • Open a hacked or lost password for an administrator or root account on virtually any operating system
  • Monitor a network for unusual traffic and identify malicious software that antivirus applications miss
  • Monitor an office’s web usage and create alerts regarding staff misuse
  • Convert video and audio tapes to computer format and include a transcript with time indexes
  • Convert video security footage to printable frames and include a transcript with time indexes of audio
  • Convert thousands of emails from various formats into a single searchable system
  • Uncover misuse of corporate property, identify and locate responsible individuals and find lost property
  • Imported/exported information from a wide variety of databases and proprietary systems

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