About Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a forensic computer technician whose computer knowledge is self-taught.

With over 30 years of experience in computers, he is well-versed in almost all operating systems used since the early heydays of computer technology. At around 14, Bill already knew enough about computers to co-author — along with a teacher at his high school — his high school’s first textbook on computer technology. Being a class only for seniors, he then had to wait a few years to take the class he helped create.

Bill’s diverse knowledge has led him to work in software development, administration, security and desktop support. His skills have been used in the manufacturing, banking, investment insurance, medical, and legal industries. He was also a leading pioneer in the computer compact disk retail market. With his background working for many of America’s largest companies, Bill has established his own private business.

He is currently finishing  a book that illustrates the many dangers of the digital age. Bill has also formerly written about technology and his work has been featured in several weekly newspapers across the country. He lives in Connecticut.